Dfjfi Logofa Deciduous fruit jobs fund initiatives form part of the
South African Deciduous Fruit Industry’s transformation programme.

It has its roots in the earlier ‘boompie-projek’ and is the deciduous fruit development chamber’s commercialization programme. It started in 2016 and is aimed at graduating a group of smallholder farmers to commercial status by 2020. Our vision is to double the industry by 2050.

Deciduous Fruit Jobs Fund Initiatives is on its second year of implementation with another two years to go before completion.

Currently there are 21 entities in the programme. The programme aims to establish and/or replace 316 new hectares of orchards that will result in the creation of 504 new jobs.

To date the programme has established 116 ha in different regions, with implements, machinery and upgrades to infrastructure at different entities. This initiative has created 129 permanent jobs and about 1034 seasonal jobs – in line with the increase in hectares planted. 438 people have been trained for different aspects relating to their farming enterprise.

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